Alison Guerinel

Alison Guerinel

When I arrived in Neerja, the first day, I had a very kind reception by all the staff I met. First I met Gaurav, the human resources, after Apurv Sir and Leela Madam. My English was not good, so I had so many difficulties understand what people said and to reply to them. I was shy because of that.

Then, I visited the samples manufacture. And I liked that because I can see how people can make the Neerja products just with their hands, no machine.

After, some days I started my prospection tasks. I research French customer by following the targets which were given to me. And after, I contact the customer that I had found during my researches. And when someone replied to me and want to order some products, I get so many satisfactions!

I also help Apurv Sir when some French customers contacted him. I created a blog on my life in India in English and French. Thanks to this internship, I met so many people. I spend time with them. I tried to know them even the difficulties in language. To conclude, during this 3 months as an Intern in Neerja, I applied all my marketing skills. Thanks to that, I also improved my communication skills.

I am now more opened by spirit. I go more to talk with people because when you arrive in another country and alone, it is necessary to meet people. Never remain alone! And even if you are ashamed to speak badly with many faults, try! It is the key of the improvement. Thanks to this experience, I back to France, with English very improved, as well as strong capacity in me to adapt in so many situations. Indeed, the Indian culture is very different from the French culture in the work. I cannot forget this experience in my life!

And I cannot forget my lovely colleague! It was my first experience outside Europe and I liked so much! I do not want to leave.