Founding Team

Our founders are committed in their drive towards excellence, and have devoted their zeal and efforts in consistently improving and innovating as a company; this desire to move ahead with the times has created benchmarks in their domain again and again.

The Team includes:

  • Leela Bordia.jpg
    Leela Bordia
    Leela Bordia was born in 1950 in Calcutta, India, into a well-off Jain family of Rajasthan. Her father was an executive in a car factory and her mother worked with Nobel Peace Prize winner, Mother Teresa, amongst the needy and destitute in Calcutta. Her mother's experiences made...
  • Kamal Bordia.jpg
    Kamal Bordia
    Kamal Bordia a robust man of many virtues is the stalwart pillar of strength behind the foundation of Neerja International Inc. and the flourishing of the Blue Pottery Craft in Jaipur.
  • Aparna Bordia.jpg
    Aparna Bordia
    Aparna Bordia is a young, multi-talented professional. Having an artistic bent of mind, she has been working with her mother Leela Bordia since childhood.
  • nupur-bordia.jpg
    Nupur Bordia
    Nupur Bordia is the Futuristic CEO of Neerja International Inc. She currently takes care of Marketing & Correspondence of Neerja International Inc and Neerja Design Studio.
  • Apurv Bordia.jpg
    Apurv Bordia
    Apurv Bordia, the illustrious son of Kamal and Leela Bordia is an IT Professional of repute. Today he heads Neerja Softwares Pvt. Ltd. which is into Website Designing and Development based on Drupal Technology.