MGD Girls School Visit to Neerja International Inc

A group of 30 students and faculty comprising of MGD Girls School, Jaipur, Welham Boys, Dehradun, Bangalore International School, Bangalore, Vidya Devi Jindal School, Motilal Nehru School of Sports, RAI, Yadavindra Public School, Patiala & Indian High School, Dubai, visited the Neerja International Showroom at Jaipur to have a first-hand feel of the exquisitely hand crafted Blue Pottery products.

The group was spellbound to see the delicate finery of the designs and exquisite color combinations on the Blue Pottery items. Pre-conceived images that Blue Pottery was a ceramic art and everything related to Blue Pottery meant only in Blue color was completely washed away as they awed with wonder at the vibrancy of the different colors and potency of this versatile craft form. Their notions that Blue Pottery was merely a craft form to be used for big planters, vases and pots to be used as side decorations or garden accessories was tremendously changed as they saw that this craft form was now being used more for utilitarian day to day use in homes, hotels as well as malls.

The group was then given a guided tour to the village where this craft form is professed. The perky group of enthusiastic youngsters was entranced by the humble abodes of the village craftsmen who toiled relentless to keep this ancient craft alive. The students were thoroughly interested to have a hands-on experience on trying out the craft for themselves. They inquired on each and every step of the process and made mental notes of them. Some of the students got creative and sat down on the floor with the artisans to knead the dough and form shapes in the moulds provided by the artisans. Under the expert guidance of the supervising craftsman some of the students tried their hands at painting of the tiles with their own choice of color combinations. Their glee filled chatter and sparkling eyes said it all as they held up their hand painted to their friends and teachers. They enjoyed the fun filled interactive afternoon session with the artisans at the village level.

They were all smiles and happy as they left with cherished memories of having worked on one the world’s most ancient of crafts.