Our Collection

  • Animal Strings
    A Kalbeliya product
    This is a beautiful and unique set of birds amd animals, which are put together as a symbol of unity and colors.
  • Ashtray
    Injuriously Beautiful!!!!
    These ashtrays are Hottest selling at Hotels and Stores.
  • Bathroom Set

    Beautiful set of four products dedicated to the place where most of the ideas originate.

  • Bone China
    Our new range of Bone China Products, with traditional and vibrant designs. Dinner set as well as Tea Set.
  • Bookmark
    To the voracious readers: Happy Colorful Reading!!!
  • Candle Stand
    From sticks to curves. Candles deserve a better base.Avoid any candles marks with our beautiful holders.
  • Card Holder
    Identity Defined.
    Exclusive product, which can be used at a corporate office or the hotel industry.
  • Chimney
    The base is of Pottery and the top is of glass. To light up the fire, we need a spark. Beuatifully handcrafted Chimney to light up our life.
  • Coaster

    Cozy Coasters
    These Coasters give you so much comfort, makes you feel free from the marks. The horrible stains that your table doesn't deserve. Fight it with our Beautiful product.

  • Corporate Gifts

    Boss says Neerja is Nice
    And we say Boss is always right.
    Listen to your Boss and get the gifts in your sight.

  • Egg Cup
    Cup of Protein.Cuppo Egg
  • Hand made Bags
    Hand- Made Paper bags for shops with their branding.
  • Iron Hooks
    Hook on to the different shapes and colors. You might just fall for it.
  • Ironn Pottery Tables
    An Indoor and Outdoor Beautification of the ambience. Easy to store as these can be easily folded.
  • Kalbeliya

    "Inspiration" from the dresses of the kalbeliya dancers (they use a lot of mirrors on their clothes). A tribe of Roma from India, of the Dom branch.They get their name from the Goddess Kali, and are snakecharmers by tradition.

  • Keychain
    Security is a sensitive issue today. Secure your happiness. Beautiful Keychains in amazing styles.
  • Kids Toys Family
    Cuddly Cute Animal Family
    For kids who love to carry their pet family along with them.
  • Neerja-Agarbatti-Stand
    Incense sticks have originated from Egypt, which have reached each and every corner of the world. The common use has lead many to produce holders for the same. We have tried to spread different shapes around the world.
  • Neerja Calender
    We can also itemize this product as per the company. A Good Corporate Gift!
  • Neerja Incense Holder
    Spiritually Blue!!
  • Neerja Lamps
    Any shape cylinder/ vase could become this beautiful utility item. To enlighten our rooms, we have Neerja Lamps.
  • Oil Burner
    Aromatherapy Oil Burners
  • Photo Frames
    Neerja Photo frames. A perfect gift as well as perfect belonging. To have someone close no matter how far...this is the best way
  • Plates
    From 4" to 12", flowers to lines, decorative to lustrous. Oldest and Newest, from restaurants to guest rooms, they adorn every place.
  • Pottery Strings
    Neerja Pottery Strings. Funky and Chime.
  • Pouch Mirror
    Very Handy and a must for the purse. All girls need this whether in office or at a party. Beautiful and Vibrant colors available.
  • Silk Bird

    Neerja Silk Birds,available in different sizes. Cotton can never be silk and silk can never be cotton!! We talk about the same when we talk of our Blue Pottery as compared to some others!

  • Soap Dish

    Every body needs a wash and every soap needs a box! Our delightful range of soap dishes give no reason to complain.

  • Vases
    Not only used for flower decoration but also for ornamentation, these beauties have been alive for decades. Different shapes and sizes makes each one of them unique!!
  • Bag Charms
    Fashion Accesory for the Teens and Queens who love to be wacky with latest yet traditional touch.
  • Costume Jewelry

    Mirror Mirror on the Wall
    Who can get me sensous of all?
    A Must- see range for Jewellery lovers.

  • Thayse Brazil Collection
    Thayse Brazil Collection. Our best selling collection....which is really Chic!!
  • Handmade Paper Diary

    Handmade Paper Diary with Neerja Tiles.

    This is a good corporate as well as personal gift for those who believe in memos.

  • Knobs

    Hob- Knobs: Our array of products is incomplete without this beautifully innovated product. The second innovation after Beads. Blue Pottery knobs had never been heard of till Neerja Internation invented them.

  • Neerja Beads
    Innovation personified. Beads in different shapes and sizes not only for jewelry and strings but also clothes. One of the two items that was first made by Neerja International.
  • Neerja Mirrors
    Ladies & Gentleman, everyone uses it and no one leaves home without looking at it. Neerja Mirrors with tiles.
  • Package Gift

    Gift sets to match any occasion. Whether wedding bells or corporate trends. we can make sets out of a stock of 1000 types.

  • Tiles
    Adornment of the walls with tiles out of Blue Pottery. Plain, Embossed in various sizes. These are perfect on walls, fountains, staircases, swimming pool, furniture, mirrors are a few to name.
  • Wooden Drawer

    Wooden Drawers with diversity. These can be used to store spices as well as can be kept on the dressing table to put small tit- bits.